Enrich your Model using Custom Object Properties

The purpose of this article is to explain how to enrich your model on the field and leverage custom object properties created in Kairnial.

When viewing a model, the object properties come from the authoring tool and cannot be edited. In Kairnial, you can create custom object attributes to support specific needs around 4D/5D BIM (i.e. schedule activity code, planned activity date, actual date, WBS, unit cost, actual cost, etc.).

All the object properties (native and custom) can then be exported for further actions.


Custom object properties must be set up from the Models & Plans module within the Web Application


To edit a custom object property:

  1. Open the desired project
  2. Click Models
  3. Navigate and open the desired model(s)
  4. Select an object on your model (i.e. a window, a wall, etc.)
  5. Click the object_info_icon.png icon to display the object properties
  6. The custom properties are displayed in blue font and can be edited if you have the relevant permissions
  7. Click the desired property to edit and click Save upon completion



Once you have finished your inspection and you have a stable internet connection, remember to synchronise your work so your data is available on the Web Application


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