Dynamic 2D Views in Models

The purpose of this article is to explain dynamic 2D views in models.

In Kairnial, viewing a model is fairly easy to do, although it could be challenging for some users.

This is why you can leverage the dynamic 2D views capability, which allows you to generate automatically 2D views from the model (for navigational purposes only).

  1. Open the desired project
  2. Click Models
  3. Navigate and open the desired model(s)
  4. Click Split view

  5. You have 2 options:
    • Generate a Live Plan using custom filters:
      • Define at least one custom filter (i.e. Level)
      • Click the + button to add more filters, if required
      • Click Generate my plan upon completion

    • Use Published plans:
      • dynamic_2D_view_automatic_plan.png shows the plan that was created automatically from the model when uploaded
      • dynamic_2D_view_manual_plan.png shows the plan that was calibrated manually to the model


  6. Once the Live Plan or Published Plan is opened, you can navigate the model using the plan view
  7. Click the camera icon displayed on the plan and drag it across the plan to position yourself on the plan AND the model at the same time
  8. Click the blue circle icon displayed on the plan to rotate your view to the left or to the right


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