Add Reviews to Objects in a Model

The purpose of this article is to explain how to add reviews to objects in a model.

In Kairnial, if you found a problem in a model, you can create reviews and assign them to other project stakeholders to action.

  1. Click Models & Plans
  2. Click the Model/Plan Assembly which contains the relevant models


  3. Click the Models tab
  4. Click the desired Model(s) to view


  5. Click the Review icon in the right panel
  6. Select the desired object(s) in the Model
  7. Click the Add New Review button


If you want to select multiple objects in the Model, hold down the SHIFT key and select your objects. 



8. Fill the New review form:

    • Complete the mandatory fields Title and Description
    • The other fields are TypePriorityLimit Date, Assign to (you can have multiple assignees), Views (you can have multiple snapshots taken), Tags, and Attach files are not mandatory but you can fill them for better coordination

Click Save upon completion:


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