Export Model Component/Object Properties

The purpose of this article is to explain how to export model component/object properties.

Data relating to Model Components/Objects can be exported via Excel.

  1. Click Models & Plans
  2. Click the Model/Plan Assembly which contains the relevant models
  3. Click the Models tab
  4. Click the desired Model(s) to view
  5. Select the desired object in the Model (the object will be highlighted in RED)
  6.  Select the Properties icon on the left menu

  • Then select the Excel icon from the same toolbar.
  • From the menu you have
    • Global Parameters - theses are parameters applicable to all models
    • Custom Parameters - these are parameters manually created in Kairnial to capture additional bespoke data.
    • Finally you have the model parameters imported and available as data with this model.
  • Against each of these parameters highlight the parameter you want and drag it over the right hand pane of the pop up window.


When you have the required fields selected, select the option to Generate.


After Generating the file it can renamed as well as either viewed directly or downloaded to the local drive for saving.

The resulting output file provides columns containing the data selected.


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