View a Model

The purpose of this article is to explain how to view a model. 

The various deliverables (plans and/or models) required for the use of the Kairnial solution are combined in groups of plans & models called Model/Plan Assemblies. 

In a Model/Plan Assembly, you can have a group of plans and models made up of models AND plans, but you can also have groups of plans & models with plans ONLY.

To view a Model:

  1. Open the desired project
  2. Click Models
  3. Navigate and select the desired model(s). If required, click the eye_icon.png next to a model name to display/hide specific model(s)


  4. Use mobile gestures to navigate the model:
    • Orbit (drag with 1 finger)
    • Pan (drag with 2 fingers)
    • Zoom in (pinch open with 2 fingers)
    • Zoom out (pinch close with 2 fingers)
    • Select object (tap with 1 finger)

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