Import review items from another BIM application using BCF

The purpose of this article is to explain how import review items from another BIM application using BCF.

Other technologies (such as BIMcollab, Solibri, Revit) can also be used to capture BIM issues as BCF formats.

Issues collected by these softwares can be saved and downloaded as a report to your local machine.

To import them into Kairnial:

  1. Click Models & Plans
  2. Click a Model Assembly
  3. Open the Model(s)
  4. Click the Review tab
  5. Click the Global BCF Import icon

  6. Click Add archive and select the BCF file from your local drive
  7. Select the target Assembly in Kairnial to link the BCF Import to
  8. Click Import upon completion


  9. Once imported, re-synchronize the data so the imported items are displayed


  10. You can now access the available items and manage them in Kairnial
  11. In addition to the viewpoints, all data and fields can be viewed by selecting the arrow icon for each item


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