Update custom fields against BIM Component/Object

The purpose of this article is to explain how to update custom fields against BIM Component/Object. 

The Kairnial custom fields (rfields) allow you to capture additional data against components (or objects)  in the Model, but they must either be added initially or updated periodically.



To add/edit custom data against a Model components/objects, make sure the following permission ACL is activated - bim_param.mass_import_values_parameters  


  1. Click Models & Plans
  2. Click the Model/Plan Assembly which contains the relevant models
  3. Click the Models tab
  4. Click the desired Model(s) to view
  5. Select the desired object in the Model (the object will be highlighted in RED)
  6. Either select the Properties icon on the left menu OR click the "i" icon in the right panel
  7. Scroll down to the Kairnial custom fields (rfields), which are highlighted in blue
  8. Add/edit the corresponding ones


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