View a Plan Group

The purpose of this article is to explain how to view a plan group. 

In Kairnial, Plan Groups are plans grouped together so you can treat them as a package of works and leverage the 'layer management' feature to overlay plans for better onsite inspections.

To view a Plan Group:

  1. Open the desired project
  2. Click Plans
  3. Click the desired plan group


Plan Groups are easy to identify as they will have the number of plans (also called layers) marked on the thumbnails (ex: 11 layers)


  1. Once opened, you will view the default layer. You can use the navigation toolbar on the bottom right-hand corner to switch layers


  2. Otherwise, click the dynamic_2D_view_automatic_plan.png icon on the top left-hand corner to better view the list of plans within this plan group
  3. Click the desired plan to display
  4. If you want to overlay plans, click the eye_icon.png on the bottom right-hand corner of the desired plans



If you overlay multiple plans and decide to pin an observation, a control form, or a piece of equipment, keep in mind that it will be pinned against the Active plan (it has a blue_tick_box_yellowbg.png on the top right-hand corner of the thumbnail) 


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