Save Observations Searches

The purpose of this article is to explain how to save observations.

Save Observations searches so that you can use them again and save time accessing your relevant information.

  1. Click Observations (List view)
  2. Use the Filters available on the left panel to narrow down your list of observations
    The options include (non-exhaustive):
    • Issuers
    • Phases/Types
    • Dates
    • Status
    • Categories (i.e. Assigned company, position...)

      Once a filter is applied against a field, a filter icon will be displayed next to it so you can quickly identify the active filters. Click Save upon completion


  3. Enter a name and click Save


In the future, when visiting Observations (List view):

  1. Click Load to display the saved searches
  2. Click the desired saved Searches to view the corresponding list of observations


  3. To delete a saved search, swipe left on the desired saved search, and click Delete


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