Reassign Observations to one or more Organisations

The purpose of this group is to explain how to reassign observations to one or more organisations. 

If an observation (or multiple observations) you are working on needs to be assigned to another organization (or more), here's how you can proceed.

Reassigning an observation on the Web:

  1. Click Observations and locate the observation you wish to reassign
  2. Mouse over the name of the corresponding assigned company and click the blue pencil icon


  3. Select the new assigned organisation(s) in the drop-down list
  4. Click Save upon completion


Reassigning multiple observations on the Web

  1. Click Observations
  2. Select multiple observations:
    • holding down the CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) key for random selections
    • holding down the SHIFT key for block sections
  3. Click Menu
  4. Click the tool icon
  5. Click Edit Selection


  6. Select the new assigned organisation(s)
  7. Click Save upon completion


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