Edit the Details of an Observation on the Web Application

You can update the details of observations if they were entered incorrectly for instance.

  1. Click Observations
  2. Locate the observation you wish to edit
  3. Next to it, the following icons are displayed :

    View, download, or upload a new photo view_photo_observation_icon.png
    Upload a new photo photo_observation_icon.png
    Add a comment comment_observation_icon.png
    Edit the observation description pencil_observation_icon.png
    View complete trail of all the changes history_observation_icon.png
    Attach files from the Document module add_file_observation_icon.png


  4. If you need to update the status of an observation, click the corresponding description field and select the new status amongst the ones available.


  5. If you need to update other information, such as the Issuer, Phase/Type, Position, etc., mouse over the corresponding cell and click the blue pencil icon
  6. From the pop-up window, select the new value(s)
  7. Click Save upon completion


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