Add/Remove Columns to get a clearer picture of Control Forms

The purpose of this article is to explain how to add/remove columns to get a clearer picture of control forms. 

The Add/Remove Columns feature lets you see the search results the way you want to.

When you do a search for control forms, the results page shows a range of information about each result in the list. But maybe there’s other information that’s more important to you.

You can change the information you see on the Control Forms results pages by clicking the Add/Remove Columns button.

  1. Click Control Forms
  2. Select a form template or click the Load all instances icon to display all the control forms
  3. Click the Add/Remove Columns button
  4. To add columns to your view, tick the corresponding boxes
  5. To remove columns from your view, untick the corresponding boxes
  6. To change the order of columns in your view, drag & drop the desired column name up or down in the list


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