Pre-populate multiple Forms on multiple areas ready for easy completion in the field

The purpose of this article is to explain how to pre-populate multiple forms.

It is possible to take cut areas in Kairnial and add set Control forms to the areas, to remove the need to "drag and drop" forms onto the areas individually.

This feature allows you to redefine plans and areas, and then choose the forms you wish to be added to the areas for easy completion.

  • Go to Control Forms
  • Select the drop down and choose the Deploy Control Forms on Plans and Areas option.



  • From the popup window
  • Choose the Model / Plan assembly.
  • Choose the Floor Plans from the Model / Plan assembly.
  • Choose the Areas associated to the Floor Plan.
  • Select the Forms you wish to add to these selected Areas.
  • Select Deploy.



After completing the process confirmation is shown at the bottom of the screen.



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