Add a new Control Form on an Object in a Model

Discover how to add a control form to an object in a model using the Mobile application.

  1. Open the desired project
  2. Click Models
  3. Navigate and open the desired model(s)
  4. Use mobile gestures to navigate the model:
    • Orbit (drag with 1 finger)
    • Pan (drag with 2 fingers)
    • Zoom in (pinch open with 2 fingers)
    • Zoom out (pinch close with 2 fingers)
    • Select object (tap with 1 finger)
  5. Select an object on your model (i.e. a window, a wall, etc.)
  6. Click the object_info_icon.png icon to display the object properties


  7. Click Attach a new form sheet


  8. Select a control form template in the list


  9. Fill in the control form
  10. Click Done upon completion. The control form is now added to the object



Once you finished your inspection and you have a stable internet connection, remember to synchronise your work so your data is available on the Web Application 


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