Import New Users to a Project using Excel

The purpose of this article is to explain how to import new users to a project using excel. 

The Kairnial solution allows you to quickly add new users, providing that you have the correct permissions.

To verify and/or grant the relevant permission to add new users:

  1. Click Setup


  2. Click ACL to view all the available project permissions. The latter are assigned against Roles/Teams.
  3. In the Search field, type the keyword 'user' to display the items containing that keyword. Verify that the option admin:add_user is enabled for a Role/Team you belong to so you can add new users
  4. If required, click the Green_tick.png or Forbidden_icon.png against one or more specific groups to (de)activate the admin:add_user permission for the selected group(s)
  5. Once you verified and/or granted the permission, click the Invite Users icon


  6. Click Import


  7. Open an Excel spreadsheet, and enter the following labels as column headers:
    • Email Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Language - Select the user interface language in a dropdown menu
    • Groups & Roles - Select one or more groups for the corresponding users so that they have the appropriate permissions


  8. For each column, enter the user details. Once finished, select and copy all the cells (including the ones containing the column headers)


  9. Paste the values in the relevant section
  10. Do not worry if you organized the column headers differently in your Excel spreadsheet, you can always map them to the correct corresponding field
  11. Click Save


  12. The users are then displayed in the window. You can edit/complete the required fields if needed.
  13. Once finished, click Add


Confirmation is shown on screen and all users will be sent an email invitation to log in and join the project.



Users that do not receive the email are advised to check their SPAM folders 


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