Create New Custom R-Fields

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create new custom r-fields. 

Custom fields are used to assign custom metadata to particular record types for use in Kairnial modules (such as Observations, Forms, Equipment, Areas, etc.).

Custom fields can be configured to allow only certain types of data to be entered, strengthening your data integrity. You can restrict a field to text only, date and time, or numerical values, for example.

To create new custom fields:

  1. Click Setup


  2. Then, click Fields
  3. Click the + icon


  4. Select which component you want to attach the new field to:
    • For Areas, select the label Area
    • For Equipment, select Equipment
    • For Observations, select Pins

  5. Specify the type of field, such as:
    • Text - single line (non-expandable) field 
    • Text area - expandable field
    • Number
    • Date
    • List - single select value
    • Yes/No

  6. Enter a name
  7. Specify which Phases / Types the field should be attached to
  8. You can use the Order index to reorder the field (vs. the other existing ones)
  9. Select if the field is mandatory or not using the Field required option
  10. Click Save upon completion


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