Enable / Disable Modules for Users

The purpose of this article is to explain how to enable/disable modules for users. 

Each menu option in Kairnial is a module. Each module needs to be enabled for Users to be able to see the option on their menu. 

Module permissions are managed against Roles / Teams which are then visible for each user in those roles/ Teams.

  • Go to SetUp
  • Select the option for Modules
  • Enable the necessary Modules for the required Role/Team



Key Modules to enable are;

  • Admin - Provides user access to the Admin Centre.
  • Contacts - Required for managing the creation of organizations and the assigning of users to companies.
  • Documents - Access to the menu option for the Document Control module.
  • Equipment - Access to the Equipment module.
  • Control Forms - Access to the forms module.
  • Models & Plans - Essential for accessing Models and assembly groups and for cutting areas.
  • Portfolio - required for users on many projects or Admins to enable the copying of project templates.
  • Observation - The snagging / defect / observations module.


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