Add Steps to a Document Review Process

The purpose of this article is to explain how to add steps to a document review process. 

Once you finished creating a document review process, you will need to add steps where multiple reviews of documents take place at the same time.

  1. Navigate to the Documents module
  2. Click the Configure Reviews tab
  3. Click the Advanced Configuration icon


  4. Select the review process in the dropdown menu
  5. Click the + icon to add a step
  6. Enter a step name
  7. Enter a timeframe (days) to complete this step
  8. Add a status (a colour, a status, and if required, a description)
  9. Activate or not the 2 following options:
    • Mandatory comment
    • Reminder


  10. Existing Roles and Groups for your project will be displayed. Select the permissions for each role

    The available options are:

    No permission

    (all icons are greyed out)


    View only

    (the eye icon is NOT greyed out)


    View only & receive notifications by email

    (the eye and mail icon are NOT greyed out)



    (the eye and pen icons are NOT greyed out)


    Edit & receive notifications by email

    (all icons are NOT greyed out)


  11. Click Save upon completion
  12. Repeat the 'Add a status' process as many times as required
  13. You can reorder the review steps if required by using the move up/down arrows
  14. Once finished, close the window, and in the Configure Reviews section, apply the document review process template against the corresponding folder(s)


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