Contract Filtering

Please note that the new CEMAR Analytics solution is still in its user-acceptance testing phase with further development work being completed. At this stage it is available to users with full access to analytics although will be available to all users in the final release. Please speak with your account manager if you wish to discuss further. 

To view or amend the contracts that you are filtering on, select the Global Filters icon from the left tool bar.


You will then be presented with this page. The table at the bottom displays all of the contracts that you are reporting on. By default, all of the contracts that you have access to will be included.


To change the contracts that you're reporting on, make use of the filters that are available in the filters bar at the top. The selected contracts table will then update when changes are made to the filters that you select.

In the filters bar there are a number of ways to manipulate the contracts you wish to report on. 

In the Filters Group section you can choose to report on contracts by their associations (frameworks, categories, divisions and sites), the type of contract (e.g. NEC3 ECC or FIDIC) and also by the Named Manager on the contracts.


If you are looking to search for contracts by their title, this can be done in the Contract Type tab. 


In the filters bar you also have the option to report on key contracts and whether to include archived contracts. 

Simply select the reset button on the far-right of the filters bar if you wish to remove any filters you've selected and start again. 


When you navigate to the reporting areas of the solution, data from the contracts you've selected here will appear.

If you did use any of the filtering options, hovering over the Global Filters icon will remind you of your selections. 


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