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The purpose of this article is to explore the general navigation within the new CEMAR Analytics.

Once you've entered the analytics solution, you can navigate to various areas by using the horizontal toolbar at the top and the vertical one to the left.

From the vertical toolbar, you can select the Home icon to be taken to the overview area. The magnifying glass will take you to the Search Page which displays the information available within each of the modules at the top. You can click directly into these areas by hovering over the text and clicking. 


The funnel icon will take you to the Contract Filtering page where you can choose which contracts you wish to report on.


Selecting the question mark icon will display a simple overview of how to navigate the tool.

From the horizontal toolbar at the top, you can select which modules you wish to view. Clicking into one will load the module and will display further areas you can view. In the example below, I have entered the Cost module and can then see further areas to view relating to this, e.g. Changes Events and Task Orders.


Many of the widgets in the new analytics solution are dynamic. On such widgets, simply hover over the information and further detail will appear in a pop-up. 


You may also notice the following options when hovering your mouse over a widget. 


Hovering over the question mark icon will provide you with some information on what this widget displays.


The filtering icon will display any filters that the chart has in place for the data it displays.


In addition to this, clicking on a widget will load information in the filters section on the right hand side to show you what filtering options there are which can then be manipulated further. 


Certain charts also have an option for focus mode, which enlarges the chart allowing for easier viewing. 


Selecting the three horizontal dots provides a number of other options such as the ability to show the data in a table format, spotlight the widget to help draw attention to it and also the export the data.


If you choose to export the data from the widget, the following pop-up will appear. You can choose whether to export the filtered data used in the widget or export the raw data. There is an option to export to xlsx or csv


Certain widgets also offer the ability to drill-through into the data contained within the visual. To do this, right-click on the data in the widget, followed by Drill through and then select the following option that appears. This will redirect you to a register which is already filtered to show you the data that forms the widget.


In certain areas, the widgets will interact with each other. For example, in the CDWOT Summary area, you can click on an aspect of a chart and it will filter the other widgets to show information relating to the aspect you've selected. In the example below, I've selected the Detailed Claims Replies data and the other widgets have updated to show only this information. 


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