Create Custom Properties against Model Objects

The purpose of this article is to create custom properties against model objects. 

The Kairnial platform allows you to define custom parameters against all or some model objects. This allows additional asset data to be captured in the field and be made available for export, alongside the native object data to the model file.

  1. Click Models & Plans
  2. Click the Model/Plan Assembly you want to work on


  3. Click model(s) to display
  4. Click on an object in the model


  5. Click the Selection icon to display the object parameters for the selected object.
  6. Click the button to Add a new parameter


  7. Select the type for this new parameter (text, date, boolean, or single select list) and provide a name. You can also provide a group name to group parameters together.
  8. Click Save upon completion


  9. Once created, you can set permissions against each group by clicking on the active permission label Public.
  10. Click on the icon for each group to set the permissions.


    The available options are:
    No permission (both icons are greyed out) No_permission_2_bis.png
    View only (the tick icon is NOT greyed out) Read_only_2_bis.png
    Edit (both icons are NOT greyed out) Edit_permission_2_bis.png
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