Setting Up Observations on a Project

The purpose of this article is to explain how to set up observations on a project. 

Observations are used to manage any field related issue-based process such as Defects, Issues, Snags, Punch List Items. Typically, each client sets up their own required Observation processes and workflows. Each Observation has a defined…

Phase/Type (i.e. Defect) – User group permissions limit which ‘Types’ of Observation a user can view and create.

Issuer (Main Contractor/Client/Design Team) – User Group permissions limit which ‘Issuer’ a user can create an Observation as. Workflow statuses are also assigned to each Issuer, controlling the Observation States that can be applied

Workflow Status (Open, Ready to be Checked, Closed) – Statuses are assigned to ‘Issuers’ and can also be set to only ‘raise from’ other statuses, thus creating a security driven, sequential workflow.

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