Create Workflows for Observations

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create workflows for observations. 

The Observations module has been designed to support any on-site inspection process. Therefore, it is possible to add custom Workflows for Observations to route the Observation through a cycle to its satisfactory conclusion, to easily monitor your project progress, and quickly identify bottlenecks (i.e. how many observations are outstanding, in progress, completed, etc.).

  1. Click Setup


  2. Click Settings
  3. Click originalWorkflow
  4. Click Edit the workflow


  5. You need to create the steps of the workflow and to set their possibilities to be raised from each other in the workflow, therefore click New Step
  6. Enter a name for this step
  7. Specify a color code to identify this step
  8. Click Save upon completion


  9. Repeat this process as many times as required to complete your observation lifecycle
  10. Once all your steps are created, it is necessary to link them to create the relevant flow:
    • Drag and drop a step located on the left panel into the box of the step in can be raised from
    • Repeat this process as many times as required
    • Click Save upon completion



In the example above, once an observation has reached the step Not Done, you can then change it to Done or Ready for Checking (because the steps Done and Ready for Checking have been dragged & dropped in the box of the step Not Done) 

Once complete, you must set up the user permissions for Observations.


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