Create Observations Templates

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create observations templates. 

You can create and edit a specific list of observations templates so inspectors can save time capturing observations on site. It will also bring more consistency across your project.

The end-users will have the ability to just ‘drag and drop’ pins onto plans in the mobile app to create observations quickly as key fields will be automatically populated such as observation type, position, assignee, description, and any additional custom fields.

To create new observations templates:

  1. Click Models & Plans
  2. Click the Model/Plan Assembly (you can have a dedicated list per Model/Plan Assembly)


  3. Click control_form_cog.png to access the Tools section
  4. Click Observation Templates


  5. Click Import from Excel


  6. Click Copy to copy all the existing column headers and paste them into a new Excel spreadsheet



Those fields are mandatory: Position, bim_model, Contractor Name, description_1 

6. If you want to pre-populate specific custom fields, you must have a column for each custom field (already configured on your observations form) in your Excel spreadsheet. You can also add multiple description fields as required as shown below.


7. Once finished, copy and paste the values from your Excel file (including the column headings) into the grey area on the import screen


8. The observation templates will be displayed. Click Save upon completion


9. You can now map the fields from your excel import to the configured fields in your project. Some fields are automatically mapped based on the field name (i.e., Position, BIM Model, Description). Others need to be manually mapped from a selection list (i.e., Area, Contractor Name). You can also make sure that fields won't be taken into account from the imported Excel by selecting the value Ignore against the corresponding fields.


The Kairnial solution will check that all contractors and positions listed in the import file match those that already exist in the project. If it finds any that do not match, it gives the option to Create the contact and Create new positions.

An indicator as to the number of templates items that will be imported is shown.



The system is limited to 3000 items/per import process. Performance issues may be experienced (dependent on device capacity) if the number of template items is >5000, for any given model/plan assembly 


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