Create a Control Form

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a control form. 

Creating a Control Form with Kairnial is very easy. You have the ability to define the design and layout as you go.

  1. Click Control Forms
  2. Click the plus_button_control_forms.png button to add a new form
  3. Enter a control form title


  4. Select the tab Lines (Manual add)
  5. In the dropdown menu, select the type of field you wish to create
    The options from the list are:
    1. Autocomplete – Shows your form's progress in percentage (%)
    2. Boolean – Provides a simple Yes/No toggle
    3. List (single choice) – Shows a list where only one value can be selected
    4. Contact List – Allows the selection of the companies available on the project
    5. Date – Allows the recording of a specific date field
    6. Date and time – Allows the recording of a specific date AND time
    7. History – Shows the history of the form
    8. Multi-Choice (Button list) – Used for presenting multiple values as buttons (ex: Yes, No, N/A, etc.)
    9. Star Rating – Provide a star rating 
    10. Progress Bar – Shows a 0% - 100% progress bar to be completed
    11. Section Field – Provides a sectional heading for grouping items
    12. Planning Field – Start and finish dates
    13. Signature Widget – Allows a field that can be used as a signature block
    14. Text Field – Allows entry of free text (single line)
    15. Multi-line text – Allows entry of free text (multi-line)
    16. Read-only Comment Field – Enter free text for the user of the form to see (contract terms or descriptions for example)
    17. Files – Adding files
  6. Once selected, enter a title
  7. Click to add a new line


  8. Additional options will be displayed next to the newly created line item

    Activate (green) or deactivate (red cross) the line item control_form_tick_box.png
    Settings to configure (i.e. the values for the List (single choice)) control_form_cog.png
    Activate (green) or deactivate (red) the Observations linking to the field control_form_pin.png
    Allow (green) or not (red) photos to be added to the line item control_form_camera.png
    Allow (green) or not (red) comments to be added to the line item control_form_comment.png
    Delete the line item control_form_bin.png

    Once your control form is completed, you can set up the user permissions to manage who can view this control form:

  9. Click the Groups tab
  10. Check the groups who can have access to the form
  11. Click Save upon completion


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