How to add a new observation on a plan on the mobile application?

The purpose of this article is to explain how to add a new observation on a plan on the mobile application. 

Discover how to pin an observation to a plan using the Mobile application.

  1. Open the desired project
  2. Click Plans
  3. Navigate and open the desired plan
  4. Pinch-to-zoom (touch two fingers on the touch screen, and move them apart to zoom in, or together to zoom out) into the location you wish to raise the observation
  5. Make sure the Observation icon is selected
  6. Hold your finger down on the screen in the desired location of the observation


  7. If this is the first observation you are raising from your session, you will be prompt to select the Issuer and the Phase, then click Continue


  8. Enter all the required information (description, position, assignee, due date, photo, etc.)
  9. Click Save upon completion


  10. Repeat the process until you finish your inspection

  11. All observations will be pinned to the plan and contain two important pieces of information:
    • Observation ID number
    • Status colour (in this example, Red is for Raised)



Once you finished your inspection and you have a stable internet connection, remember to synchronise your work so your data is available on the Web Application 


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