Referencing Files

To create a link between files, they can be referenced in the upload or afterwards.

If a file is referenced, this is indicated with the icon mceclip15.png next to the file name.

Referenced files are then displayed in the file information under the tab "References":mceclip0.png

Referencing Existing Files 

Reference existing files in the system by clicking on mceclip13.png to open the file information.
Select the "References" tab and click on "Set references":


Your files from the clipboard are then displayed on the next page.

Important: Existing files can only be referenced with files from the clipboard. Add all required files, which you want to use as reference, to the clipboard first, so that they appear here for selection.

Select the file(s) to reference by checking the appropriate box and clicking "Save":



References in the Upload

Files that are uploaded together can be referenced with each other directly in the upload. To do this, set the corresponding check mark for "Link files" on the upload page:


After successfully uploading the files, you will be prompted to select the master file that references the other files:

The master file appears in the file information as "Related files", all others as "Referenced by":mceclip5.png

Take Over References from Predecessors

If you upload a new version of an existing file, the references of the existing file can be transferred in the upload.

To do this, select the "Take over references from predecessor" checkbox from the options on the upload page and then execute the upload process as usual:


Download with References

Files can also be downloaded including references.

To do this, select a referenced file by checking the box in front of the name and then select "Download with references" from the menu at the bottom of the page.
Afterwards click on «Execute»:


After you click Execute, a ZIP folder containing the selected file and all referenced files will be downloaded

Remove References

Existing references can be removed again by clicking on mceclip15.png to open the file information.
Then select the "References" tab and click on «Set References»:

Then, in the new window, remove the checkmark under "Existing references" for the respective file(s) to remove the referencing.

After all changes have been made, click "Save" to complete the process:mceclip10.png

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