Create BIM model

The BIM module enables the exchange of model data via the IFC
(Industry Foundation Classes) format and displays the corresponding models in the BIM module. 



  • BIM module is active for the project
  • Users have access rights to the BIM module
  • .ifc files have been uploaded
  • Permission to create models assigned
Create model

Models can only be created by users which have been assigned specific permissions by the administrators of the project. Please contact your project administrator if access is required.

Users with the right to create models will find the «Create Model» button in the tab "Details" of the file information

The file information can be accessed in the Files Module by clicking the "mceclip5.png" next to the corresponding .ifc file:mceclip0.png

After clicking «Create Model» in the file information, you will be requested to assign a name for the model.

Enter the name of the model in the textbox and then click «Create»:


Once created in the file information, the model is available in the BIM module:



Please note:
Files can only be displayed as a complete model if they have been stored in the same folder:mceclip3.png

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