Time-Scheduling for the Renovation of an Office Building with DESITE BIM

Which tools do I need for time scheduling in my current project?

Construction schedule can be created based on a BIM model (e.g. IFC model). To achieve which, two tools are significant: process components and building structure.

1. The process components define the conditions relavant to required time for building an object, which include object quantity, production rate, corresponding human resource, etc.

2. The building structure defines the location where the activity is to be performed.

The calculation of a schedule is carried out in the following steps:

Step1: The relevant objects are linked with process components

Step2: The objects are sorted in the building structure

Step3: The entry nodes for the process components and the building structure are mapped with each other

Step4: The calculation shall begin

How do I assign relevant objects to process components?

You may first create a classification structure under process components:

With the help of project filters you can select the objects you need. When you right click on each process component, you can add selected objects to it.

Afterwards, it is important to define quantity, production rate and resource. By quantity, it is possible to give a formular or a specific value. In this usecase, it is reasonable to use [[cpBaseArea##xs:double##geometry]] to calculate whole area of renovated objects. Production rate describes how many people are needed per square metre per hour. Here you can enter a fixed empirical value. And the resource means how many people are available for this work. Here you may give a value based on the realistic case.

How do I connect building structure with defined process components?

In both process components and building structure panel you can find the column for cp:ID. (Configure the columns if you can't see it.) Then you can copy the IDs of the uppest item to the corresponding place in "Create Time Schedule" panel. When it's finished, you can start creating time schedule.

How to check the result of time scheduling?

You have to first open the "Activies" panel. By doing so, you can check the final estimated duration of complete construction as well as duration of each items at each floor.

How to adjust and recalculate?

The first estimation result turns out to be 277,05 days which you might find too long. Then you can adjust the duration by changing the production rate (workers speed up by construction) or the resource (hire more workers for construction). In this usecase, the production rate value which was set above is too big. The actual value for working on one square meter per hour is probably smaller than 1.  After setting the correct value in process components, you can start creating time schedule again without relinking the components with building structure, because the IDs won't change. Afterwards, you can see a new result below the first one. The new result for renovation of this 3-floor office building is then 91,92 days. 

Which special conditions I can add to the time scheduling?

Special conditions such as successor relationships or time restrictions are also possible to be included into scheduling.

By using the column "Predecessors" in process components, you can assign one component as the prerequisite of another, and you can even give a time period between the construction of those component. Let's suggest you want to set the beginning of hanging ceiling (item 1.4) two days after the finish of covering of walls (item 1.2). You can put 2FS1.2 into predecessor of item 1.4. 

Then you can check the result as belows: 

Same predecessors can be added in building structure as well. For instance, you have only one worker for each construction item, so he/she can only starts the construction of upper floor when the under floors have been renovated. Then you can give by predecessor of each item in building structure FS + upper floor, so that the construction will be done at each floor one after another.

The final estimation result looks like:

Also, if several special occasions or time restrictions are need to be considered. You can use "Restrictions" panel to give in those conditions.

When a wall painter starts his work only at 14 on Monday and works approximately 3 days a week, you can set a task restriction as following and drag and drop it to corresponding process component.

Afterwards, the duration of this item will be accordingly adjusted.

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