1. How can I delete a drawing from the project room?

It is not possible to delete drawings once they are uploaded to the project room, they can only be set as invalid by their creator. In order to do this, select the envelope on the drawing which you would like to set as invalid. 


The message-form opens. Navigate to the drop down menu next to Edit and select Set document invalid. All documents created by you and selected will be set as invalid.


You will then be prompted to give a reason as to why you are setting the document(s) to invalid:



2. I have uploaded a .zip file but the upload was incomplete, and some files are missing in the “PDF-files” field.

Check if your drawing files are named according to the drawing code. The system will show you which plans are not named correctly. You can access the drawing code in your project room under drawing code.


3. I want to upload my drawing files with the corresponding CAD files. I packed them together in one .zip file. Regardless of the same storage file I need to match my PDF and CAD files manually anyway.

Check if your CAD and PDF files are named correspondingly. The system cannot match the files if they do not share the same file name. Change the file name and the system will be able to match them together.


4. I have to put in the drawing title manually, is it not generated automatically?

If your drawing has an existing title from a former index, the title is generated automatically. When uploading a drawing for the first time, the title must be entered once manually, and is then linked to the drawing and every index following.


5. Is it possible to upload a DWG file without a corresponding PDF file?

DWG files can only be uploaded as attachments to corresponding PDF files.


6. Why does drag and drop not work when I drag files from my hard drive?

If you access your company drives via a VPN network, drag and drop does not work. You can save the files on your local drive and move them via drag and drop from there. You can delete the files once they are uploaded to the platform.


7. Are download links still valid if the user has been deactivated?

Yes, links are valid independent from the user as long as the project is live.

8. I cannot find a drawing although I am sure I have the right index.

A drawing index changes when the status is changed or when a plan is updated and re-uploaded.


9. How can I confirm that the platform server is working?

You can check the server status here: http://status.thinkproject.com/

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