Marking Files as Confidential

Marking Files as confidential can be helpful to ensure only the intended recipients can view their content. Only users who have been forwarded the file have access to the file if it is marked as confidential.
The file will not be shown in the folder to any other users, even if they have the full access rights to the folder.

If a file is marked as confidential this will be indicated by a lock mceclip1.png next to the file name:


Setting "Confidential" in the Upload

A file can be marked as confidential directly during the upload process.
On the upload page, on the side with the notification interface, check the box marked "Confidential":


Because only users who have been forwarded the file can view the file, you can add also the recipients to be informed directly in the upload too. 

Adding / Removing Confidentiality for existing files 

Confidentiality can be added or removed using the file information mceclip3.png next to the filename and checking / unchecking the box marked confidential:


Only the creator of the file can remove the status "Confidential"

Click «Save» at the bottom after modifications are made.

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