Personal Distribution Lists

When composing messages, you have the option to use predefined personal distribution lists as recipients. This simplifies the selection of recipients and helps to ensure that all necessary project participants are informed accordingly.

You can select the personal distribution lists you have created in advance in a message by selecting the respective distribution list from the menu or by clicking the three dots button mceclip2.png next to the entries for recipients (this option offers the entire project participants list including distribution lists for selection):


Creating a Personal Distribution List

Create a personal distribution list by clicking on the username / icon in the upper right corner of the Messages module.
Then, select the option "Personal distribution lists" from the menu:


After you have clicked on Personal distribution lists, you will see an overview of all personal distribution lists.
New personal distribution lists can be created by clicking on «New» at the bottom of the page:


  • Enter a name for the personal distribution list in the text box of the new window next to Distribution list and then click «Create» at the bottom:


  • After the list has been created, click on the 3 dots button mceclip2.png next to the new distribution list in the overview to select the recipients.
  • This will open the list of project participants. Select all recipients for the distribution list by checking the box next to each name.
  • Click «Submit» at the bottom of the page after all participants have been selected:


Modifying Personal Distribution Lists

Modify the list of recipients of existing distribution lists by clicking the three dots button mceclip2.png next to the respective list:


  • The list of project participants will open.
  • Add recipients by checking the box next to each name
  • Remove recipients from the distribution list by unchecking the box next to the name.
  • Click «Submit» at the bottom of the page to save the selection
Rename / Copy / Delete

Existing signatures can be renamed, copied and deleted by setting the button next to the name in the first column in the overview and then clicking the desired function at the bottom of the page:


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