Offline Archive: Update to the latest version

The purpose of the article is to show in a step-by-step explanation how you can update your offline archive to the latest version, so you can use all the new features released for our archives.
Please note that this will only work for offline archives created by July 12th 2023.

You can simply download an exe (and related files) from a link/URL and replace all these files in your archive. This will upgrade your archive to the latest version without you having to re-archive your project.


You have to authenticate yourself as a valid TP Cloud user before starting the download.

Please follow these steps to get the latest features for your offline archive:

  1. Follow this Link : Offline Archive Update


    Only the Archives generated after July 12th 2023 will be compatible with the latest version of the exe available in this URL. Please do not use this exe for older Archives.

    This will not work due to compatibility and the Archive data will be lost.

  2. Authenticate yourself using your Thinkproject Cloud credentials.

  3. After a successful login the system will automatically download a zip file containing the latest features (
  4. Open the zip folder and perform a Select All (Ctrl+A) action. While still holding the Ctrl key, deselect the project-archive-api.jar. Then use Copy (Ctrl + C) to copy the selected content

  5. Go to your Archive folder take the Paste (Ctrl + V) action here to paste the new files into your archive.
    Make sure to select the option Replace the Files in the Destination when prompted to make a choice regarding duplicate files.

  6. Go back to the exe files zip that was previously downloaded ( and copy the project-archive-api.jar file
  7. Now, go to your archive folder, and paste the copied file into each project folder within it. For example, our archive folder contains two project folders, we will paste project-archive-api.jar file into each.
    Make sure to select the option Replace the File in the Destination when prompted to make a choice regarding duplicate files.
  8. Your archive is now ready with latest features. Open the Archive folder and click the exe file to get started with new features.


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