How to Create and Upload a Project Document

You can create a new Project Document in two different ways. The first way is to select New, followed by Project Documents. Alternatively, you may select the Pen and Paper icon alongside the Project Documents tab on the left-hand side of the screen:

You will then be displayed with a document form in which you can enter the document title and fill in all the details. Properties can be set via predefined selection boxes or text fields, and boxes marked with * are mandatory.

This is also where you set visibility and determine who can access the document in the project room. If you choose Public, the document will be visible and accessible for every registered user in the project room.

If the document should only be accessible for certain users, select Sender/Recipient and add the desired members to the communication process:


In order to upload a file, select Add file(s) and choose the appropriate file, or use drag and drop to move the file into the provided field:


Sometimes project-specific restrictions can apply to the file names or format, e.g. the file’s name must begin witch a certain date or location-code, or the file must be in PDF format.

If you wish, you can add a message to your document, however, this step is not a requirement.

Please note, you don’t need to attach a message to your document, but if you want make your document only accessible for certain members, you need to add the desired recipients here. 

In order to create a message, select the + Message icon:


If you type into the To or CC field, a list of users whose names begin with the corresponding letter are listed, regardless of their first name or surname. If you click on the To field you can access the address book where every registered user in the project room is listed.

It is possible that you will find project specific recipients that are fixed for all messages, and these fixed recipients cannot be deleted:



If you attach a message, the listed recipients will be informed via an email being sent to their registered email address.

Before sending the document you can select the Preview icon. The message will then be displayed as it would be within the project room. You can also access the preview by clicking Next, in the bottom right-hand corner. 


By selecting Preview, this does not send the message. The message will only be sent by selecting Send in the upper left corner. You must then confirm sending by clicking OK:


Your document will now be saved on the platform and will be sent to all selected recipients. Non-public documents can only be found and edited by their creator and other members who are involved in the communication.

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