Capture a Defect with the Thinkproject Quality App

The purpose of this article is to explain how you are able to capture a Defect using the Think Project Quality app.


With our app it is possible to capture defects, add pictures and upload them immediately to the platform, so every project partner can access the concerning defect right away in one central point.

Log In

Open the think project! Quality app, log in with your username and password and choose the project you’d like to work on by selecting Defect Management and tap on the icon in the upper right screen. When you first access your project room, it is necessary to download the project configuration first. This could take a moment.

Capture a new Defect

If you want to capture a new defect select Capture, then tap on the + on the upper right screen to choose your preferred method of documentation.

From gallery: Document a defect with a picture from your mobile device picture storage (to use a picture from your gallery the Think Project Quality app will need access to your picture gallery).

From camera: Choose this option to take a new picture and document the defect (to take a picture the think project! quality app needs access to your camera).

From description: You can describe the defect in this option and document it that way.

From QR-code: You can scan QR-codes, and the stored values from the QR-code to describe the defect are automatically filled in the defect input form. This way you can locate the defect with one click. QR-codes can e.g. be attached to a room (to scan a QR-code the Think Project Quality app needs access to your camera).

From drawing: You can mark a defect on a drawing saved in the quality app here.

From scan: You can scan a drawing and then mark the defect in the scan (to scan a drawing the Think Project Quality app needs access to your camera).

Upload: When all concerning defects are captured, you need to upload them to the project room. From there the remedy workflow can be initiated.


How to document a Defect with a picture

If you want to capture a defect you can attach a picture for bulletproof documentation. You can either choose a picture from your gallery, describe the defect and attach a picture later, or take a new picture.

Just click the preferred icon. Here as an example, the selection from picture is described.

Your devices camera opens and you can take a picture of the defect. If you want to use the picture choose Use Photo, if you want to take another picture select Retake.

If you are satisfied with your picture, the defect can be described and located with more detail in the opening screen. You can see the picture in the upper left corner. If you want to highlight the defect further on the picture, click on the picture.

Now you see the picture and an action bar on the upper screen offering different options:

X– return to the previous screen
Reverse – reverse your action
Add marker – add an adjustable marker to the picture
A – comment on the picture
Arrow – create an arrow to point at something in the picture
Pencil – draw on the picture using your finger
Colour - choose the colour for your markings
OK- save all markings in the picture


If you have added all desired markings to your picture and clicked on OK you will be directed to the main form to capture the defect. You can fill out the corresponding fields to describe and locate the defect in detail and assign a person responsible for the remedy process.

Fields marked with * are requirements and must be filled out. If a field is marked with a lock symbol, the content is fixed for your project and cannot be changed.

Defect description:

Defect title: fill in title here
Defect description: describe the defect here
Craft: choose craft here
Defect type: choose defect type here
Captured by: add capturer‘s role here


Responsible subcontractor: choose responsible subcontractor here
Due date: set due date for defect remedy


Building/Component: choose building/component
Level/Floor: choose level/floor here
Axis: choose axis here
Area/Room: choose area/room here
Detailed location: describe defects detailed location here

Info: some pre-defined parameters to identify the defect
If you would wish to add further pictures, click + on the lower left screen.


If you are capturing multiple defects and would like to fixate some inputs for other defects, click on the pin icon. When the pin is highlighted green, just tap on the field next to the description. The pin will appear next to it and your entries will be fixed. If you would like to undo the fixation just tap on the pin next to the field‘s name a second time when the pin symbol on the bottom is highlighted green.


To save a defect select Save on the upper right screen. To cancel the defect capturing click Cancel and all entries will be discarded.

How to mark a Defect on a Drawing

Project drawings can be saved in the Think Project Quality app. If you have a printed drawing you can also scan the drawing. Just click on the corresponding icons from scan or from drawing. This section explains clearly how to capture a defect and document it on a stored drawing. Click + and choose from drawing.

You will see the screen to select your drawing. You can filter the displayed drawings with the location filter. Find your desired drawing under Select drawing and select it.

A screen with the drawing content opens. You can tap on the marker icon to add markers to the drawing.
If you have set the marker on the right area, click on the camera icon in the top-right corner of the screen and then select Next to be directed to the defect capturing form.

Proceed as described in the How to document a Defect with a picture section.


You can add further markings and descriptions to the drawing the same as for pictures, as described in How to document a Defect with a picture section.


How to upload a Defect to the project room

You can use all functions of the app offline, but if you would like to make an upload to the platform you need to ensure a connection to the internet.

If you have saved a Defect to be uploaded later, you will find here a list of all Defects captured, displayed with a picture and some parameters from the description. If you want to edit the descriptions, select the defect from the list.

If you have captured all desired Defects you can start the upload by selecting + followed by Upload. Confirm the upload by clicking OK.


If you have successfully uploaded all defects you will be notified and the list will appear empty.

Need further help? Contact our Support Team