Capture a Defect with the Thinkproject Platform

The purpose of this article is to explain how to capture a Defect using the Think Project platform.

Firstly, log in to the platform and select the project you would like to work on to edit defects captured with the quality app or capture new defects on your desktop.

Step 1: Capture a defect on your desktop

To capture a defect on your desktop, select New followed by Defect Management or navigate to the menu area and select Defect Management > Defect management > Pen and Paper icon.


You will be directed to the screen, where the defect can be captured.


You can fill out the opening form with different parameters to specify and locate the defect. Fields marked with * are requirements and must be filled out.

Which status you have to choose depends on your role in the project room and who has captured the defect. The status is important because it shows the current level of remedy completion and it also defines under which filter the defect will be displayed.

Choose one of the following options to describe either the the relation between the owner and the general contractor, or the relation between the general contractor and the sub-contractor:

Status (Owner-GC):

Not captured by owner: Defect was not captured by the owner
Assigned to GC: The owner has assigned the defect to the GC
Clearance notice by GC: The GC has cleared the defect

CO Status (GC-SC):

Captured: The defect has been captured, not yet assigned
Assigned to SC: GC has assigned the defect to a SC
Clearance notice by SC: SC has cleared the defect
Clearance confirmed: GC has confirmed clearance for the defect
Clearance denied: GC has denied clearance for the defect

You can attach a comment or a file to the defect.

To add a file drag and drop the file in the field drop files here field, or navigate to attach files and choose a file from your hard drive.

Step 2: How to compose a message

You can send a message with your Defect when uploading it to the platform. This step is not a requirement.

Navigate to the blue bar and select Message +.
If you want to add a member from the project room you can type in the name in the To field. If you click on the To field, the address book with a list of all members opens. You can search for the relevant member(s) in the Find Member field. If you search for a member of a certain company or group, you can filter the list of members with the Pre-selection.

It is possible that you will find project-specific recipients that are fixed for all messages, fixed recipients cannot be deleted.

Step 3: How to check and compose

If you want to upload the defect to the system select Next or change the view from Compose to Preview. With both options the message is checked for completion. The opening window shows you the protocol with a list of all executed operations. You will then see the message as it will be sent out.

If you want to upload your defect, select Next. If you would like to change your entries or the defect can not be sent because the entries are not complete, it is possible to return to Compose or click Back to edit your defect. The message will not yet be sent.

Ensure that all entries are correct and press Send. Confirm sending by clicking OK:

The sub-contractors are automatically matched with the corresponding defects. If you wish to add more members to the communication, you can use the Message function. If you have not added other members to the communication the message is sent to the concerning sub-contractor and filed on the platform.


You can edit Defects on your desktop even if you have captured them with the mobile quality app. Just select the Defect in the all defects list and click edit defect. You will find your entries from the app in the form that opens.

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