How to report a clearance for a Defect (Sub Contractor)

The purpose of this article is to explain how a Sub-Contractor can report clearance for a Defect.

Import list of Defects from the project room to the Thinkproject Quality app

Firstly, select Check:


Next, click on the + on the upper right screen and select Download:


You can add filters to determine which Defects you want to download, or you can keep the settings and load all captured defects.

Select the download symbol on the upper right screen and confirm the download:


You can rearrange the downloaded defects any time by clicking + and choose Filter.

How to send a clearance notice or how to refuse a Defect

You will now see a list of all captured defects that have the status assigned in the project room. Select a defect from the list to declare clearance or refuse the defect. You will then be directed to the screen where you can actually declare clearance for the defect. You can access the defect and some values added when it was captured. These values can’t be changed. Tap on the green tick field with the OK symbol to declare clearance, or on the red ! field to refuse the defect.



If you press and hold on a defect from the list , a selection bar with check boxes will unfold on the left side. Select multiple defects at once to either clear them, refuse them all together or delete them from the list, by clicking on the corresponding icons on the bar at the bottom of the screen.


How to declare clearance for a Defect

If you want to declare clearance, tap on the green OK field with the little hook. You can leave a comment with your clearance notification or add a picture to document your clearance. Just click on the corresponding field Comment and Attachment Clearance. Once you’ve attached the desired files, you can save your clearance by clicking on the green Save button on the lower screen.

How to refuse a Defect

If you would like to refuse the Defect tap on the red ! field. You can also leave a comment or attach files here. Save your refusal as soon as you have added everything you wanted to. You can save your refusal by clicking on the red Save button on the lower screen.


If you either have declared clearance or refused the defect click on the back arrow icon in the upper left screen.

Upload the result of your clearance notification to the project room

You will be redirected to the list of imported Defects. Already checked Defects are either marked red or green on the left side, depending on if you declared them clear or refused them.


If you want to check further Defects proceed as described above. If you have finished checking all concerning defects tap on the + on the upper right screen and select Upload. Confirm the upload and wait for the process to be finished.

You can always check Defects and save the result in the app, even if you have no internet connection, however, the upload to the Thinkproject platform will require an internet connection.

The result of your clearance process is now saved in your project room.

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