Defect Management Overview

TP CDE Defect Management provides you with a solution to capture your defects with the think project! Quality app, save them on one central platform that every project partner can access, and allows all involved members to track and share the remedy workflow.

The TP CDE solution for your defect management contains the following:

  1. The think project! Quality app

  2. The Defect Management solution in your project room:
    Defect Management > All Defects: Here you will find all captured defects
    Drawings for Quality App > All Drawings: Here you will find all drawings saved in the quality app.

Your rights to gain insight and perform actions when capturing and eliminating a defect are limited by the role you are given in the project room. Your options can vary from the ones described in these help articles and the input fields could be named differently due to customisation. The processes remain the same.

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