How to Check a Clearance Notification

The purpose of this article is to explain how an owner or general contractor can check a clearance notification.

If a sub-contractor has uploaded the defects assigned to him/her, the owner and/or general contractor can check the clearance notification with the Thinkproject Quality app right on-site and upload the result instantly to the project room.

Step 1: Download the list of defects from the project room to the Thinkproject quality Quality app

Transfer the list of defects to the quality app as described the How to report clearance for a Defect (Sub-Contractor) article.

Corresponding to the filters you have selected, you will receive your list of Defects and start checking the clearance notifications. Just tap on the Defect of which you want to check the notification.


If you press and hold down on a Defect from the list, a selection bar with check boxes will unfold on the left side. Select multiple defects at once to either accept or refuse their clearance all together or delete them from the list, by clicking on the corresponding icons on the bar at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2: Check the status of the Defect remedy 

If you have selected a Defect from the list, you will be directed to the screen to check the defects clearance.

You can now see all the values added when the defect was captured. These values are marked with a lock symbol and cannot be changed. Depending on the result of your check, tap on the green OK field with the little hook to accept the clearance, or on the red ! field to deny clearance.

To accept or deny a clearance notification from a sub-contractor proceed as described in the How to report clearance for a Defect (Sub-Contractor) article.

Step 3: How to upload the result of your check to the project room

If you have checked a clearance notification as an owner or general contractor, you will have to upload the results of your check and the change in the Defect's status to the project room.

To upload the result proceed as described in the How to report clearance for a Defect (Sub-Contractor) article.

Depending on the allocated roles in the system, users have different rights when uploading, checking or clearing Defects.

In the role of an owner you can capture Defects with the quality app and check clearance notifications from other users.

In the role of a general contractor you can capture defects, check defects and clear defects.

If you are registered as a sub-contractor you can declare clearance with the think project! Quality app and edit defects in the project room.

To help you understand the different roles and rights or the workflow behind the defect clearing process, please see our Defect Management Workflow article.

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