Create and edit global distribution lists

The purpose of this article is to explain and illustrate the creation of a global distribution list.

Create a global distribution list

As an administrator, you can create not only personal but also global distribution lists. These are then available to all users.

To create a global distribution list, go to the Contacts area via New and Create distribution list.


The following input screen opens.


Enter a name for the distribution list and select Global distribution list as the type. If your project is multilingual, a distributor name must be given for each language.


In the Distribution list tab, you can select users for your distribution list and assign them either to the To field or to the Cc field. To do this, click on one or more users in the box on the left so that they are highlighted in blue. You can select multiple participants using the CTRL key.


Then click on the >> To or >> Cc field in the middle. The users then appear in the right box Distribution list.

To create the distribution, click on Create.

Edit distribution list

To adjust a distribution list, move the mouse over the Folder symbol in the Contacts area under Distribution list. Then click on the Edit distribution list option.


The input screen opens. In the Distribution list tab, you can add further users or select already added users in the box on the right and remove them from the distribution list using Delete selected.


Finally click on Save.

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