User administration step 2: Transfer user to a project room

The purpose of this article is to explain the transfer of a user from the Global User Management into an existing project.



An authorised administrator transfers users from the global user management to the Contacts module. Portal, company and project administrators are authorised. To do this, the administrator must first log into the desired project


To transfer a user from the GUM to the project, click in the Contacts area on New and then members from Global User Management.


In the members from Global User Management menu, the company or project administrator can see the user profiles of their organisation. To add one or more users as project participants, you need to select the user profile with a tick and then assign a registered company.


(if the desired registered company has not yet been created, see Creating a registered company)


If the user you would like to add is not part of your organisation, then select Copy member from different organisation

A pop up screen will appear where you will have to enter the user E-Mail and select search. The user will then appear on the GUM and the same steps as above must be followed.


Clicking on Save completes the process and imports the selected users:

The users are now in the project. Here they can be assigned a role in the usual way or Thinkproject internal admin rights can be assigned.



You will only find the user, if they have activated their account by confirming the account verification E-Mail they receive when registering.  


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