Partial Model Upload

In this user manual you will find all important information about the TP CDE Professional Edition BIM Solution - partial models. Further information about the BIM viewer are provided in other articles.


Once you have logged in to your TP CDE account, open the desired project and then navigate to ‘Model Management’-‘Partial Models’. To upload and share new partial models click on the 'New' button in the navigation bar and choose 'Partial Models' from the pulldown menu.



Within the input mask simply add an .ifc- or .rvt file into the file selection area by dragging it there or use the button ‘Upload IFC + native Models’ at the top of the input mask. Once the upload of the file is completed the size of the file is displayed on the right side of the box. 

Your partial model must be named according to the model code to be uploaded successfully. Our system checks whether the file is named according to the file-naming convention due to the projects specifications. In case the uploaded file is not named wrong, it will be displayed in a pop-up message and needs to be corrected before uploading again.

When first uploading a partial model you must provide the model with a title. The title helps to identify the content of the model in the overview without opening it. If a partial model is updated with a higher index, the platform will recognize the update and fill out the title automatically with the title of the previous version.

Please note that the input field for the title will unfold for every loaded partial model separately underneath the upload field, but only once the file is loaded in the upload box.



Review process

In order to send the partial model into the review process please extend the section ‘Model Approval and Commenting’ by clicking on the “+”- icon.

The review status is set to ‘no review’ by default. Change it into ‘For Review’ so that it will appear in the respective review-filters. Then assign the model reviewer by selecting the respective project member and the due date. The reviewer will directly be notified via message and finds the model in his personal ‘ToDo-Filter’ for the review process.


To add a message to your partial model extend the message section by clicking on the “+”-icon. Further information on how to address internal or external users you can find in the 'General' area in 'Messages'.

Click on 'Preview' in order to check all properties are filled-out according to the project-setup. If you want to change any inputs, return to the compose tab, by clicking directly on the tab or back. To finish the process click on 'Send' to send your message and upload all files.


Please note that your message will not be sent and therefore your model will not be uploaded until you click on “Send”. Clicking on “Next” will not start the sending process.

You can now access your partial model in the Thinkproject BIM viewer.

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