Create Distribution Groups

This article should help you to create distribution lists and to use them when addressing a message.

1. Create Distribution Group

If you have to address the same group of people again and again, you can set up permanent mailing lists for this.

To create a distribution list, you have to switch to the Contacts module.
There you will find the distribution group in the navigation area. Move the mouse over the filter symbol and then select "Create distribution group".

Write the distribution name.

Select the members you want under the Distribution group tab and set them as recipients (select “>> To”) or as a note (select “>> Cc”). To make multiple selections, hold down the CTRL key and select the members with a click.

To apply the changes, select “>> Save” in the distribution list action bar; for a newly created distribution group, select “>> Create”. You will then be shown the distribution list.

2. Select Distributor

To select the distribution list, select “Distribution Group” under preselection when addressing.

3. Edit / Delete Distribution Group

To edit / delete a distribution group, first open the filter menu "All" using the preceding ▼  symbol, then move over the "Filter" symbol in front of the distribution list to be edited (here: specialist planner) and select in the context menu "Edit distribution list" in front of the corresponding distribution list.

To apply the changes, select ">> Save" in the distribution list action bar.

Screenshots are used as an example. Your platform's interface may look different, but the process remains the same.

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