Create Personal Subfilter

You always save a search result with a filter. In this case we will show you how to create a sub-filter, i.e. there is already a main filter with a defined search result, which is broken down further. Here is a  example: Main filter 'All current drawings', possible sub-filters 'Approved drawings' or 'All current drawings - architecture'.

To create such a filter, move the mouse over the filter symbol of the main filter in the navigation on the left and then select Create subfilter in the context menu:


A new window opens where you can now define the final settings for the sub-filter. Some settings are already predefined by the main filter and are applied directly. Filters created by you are always personal filters and are not visible to other participants in the project room.

General tab

In this tab, give the filter a name:


Properties tab

Select the values ​​you are looking for e.g., the architecture trade, which further refines the search. blobid2.png

For more information about search fields, see the articles on search options.

Sorting tab

Here you can specify the order of the documents displayed if you do not want to copy this setting from the main filter. First remove the tick next to "Apply settings from main filter". You can then adjust your desired order of the results.


Report tab

First remove the tick from “Apply main filter”. You can then adjust the report settings. For automatic reports / reminders, specify the output format for automatic reports here.


Under Format Settings, you can adjust the PDF output format in terms of orientation, paper and font size and specify a title for the header.

Finally, you can adjust the number and order of the information displayed.


  • Standard: always displayed
  • detail: shown in the details area
  • none: is never displayed

Properties set to a lower level can be made visible via the main menu bar of the action area “View” and “Show details”.

Sequence no.

The numbers under Sequence indicate the display order of the columns (from left to right). To apply the changes, select ">> Save" in the filter action bar, for a newly created filter select "Create".

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