How to Invalidate a Document

Documents cannot be deleted within the platform as it is a revision-secure system. Incorrect documents can be invalidated by the original creator or an administrator and be removed from the project room.

Go to your message area in the “Documents” module and select the message with which the document was sent. Open the message by clicking on the "envelope symbol".


  1. Select the documents that are to be set as invalid. You have the option of invalidating all or just individual documents from an upload.
  2. In the message menu bar, select "Edit" and then "Make selected documents invalid".
  3. Enter the reason for the invalidation of the documents in the new window and confirm this with "ok".


The invalid document is now displayed in blue with a line through it. Finish the process by "closing" the message. The document is no longer displayed in the filters. You will only find it in the messages area if you were the sender or recipient. However, the files can no longer be downloaded or viewed.




If you then upload the corrected document, you should address the same mailing list so that the recipients are informed of the correction.

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