Individual Filter Settings

This article explains various settings that you can make to customise the filter view for yourself.

However, this article only shows how you can adapt the display in your filter to your needs, but not how the search result of the filter is changed. You can find instructions on this topic in the article Creating personal sub-filters.

You can make the adjustments described below to any filter you want, regardless of whether this is a standard filter for the project room or a personal sub-filter you have created.

The adjustments only apply to your account and not to all users across projects.

Open your desired filter by selecting the Documents system module and clicking on the filter to be adjusted in the lower navigation area.

Show/hide columns

To show more columns in your desired filter or to hide columns that are not required, click on the settings icon in the top right of your project room. From there, select the Show/Hide Columns option.

Another selection window opens in which you can select the columns  you want to be displayed, or deselect if you no longer want this value to be displayed as a column.

Enlarge/reduce columns

To change the size of a column, click on the dividing line between two columns in the gray column overview. Your mouse pointer changes to an arrow symbol that points left and right. Hold down the mouse button and drag left or right until the column is the size you wish.


You can also hide columns this way by dragging the column all the way to the next hyphen. The area between the two columns is shown with a gray background. These hidden columns can also be displayed again by clicking on the dividing line and enlarging them.

Change the order of columns

To change the order of the columns, click and hold the column you want to move. The column is displayed with a blue background. You can now drag them to the desired location. The blue line shows you where the column will be placed.

Reset filter settings

Since the settings you have selected are automatically saved for your account in this filter so that you do not have to adjust them again each time you log out, you can restore the basic settings of the filter in the following way.


Click the settings icon in the top right.

From there, select the Reset filter layout option.


The filter view is now reset to the default settings.

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