Home Screen

The Home Screen module offers every user the option of setting up their own quick access to selected filters in the project room or external URLs. The documents and links that are most important to you can thus be summarized quickly and clearly in one place.


After logging in your project room, the home screen appears. There are empty boxes available to create project-relevant links for your account.

Add Filter

To link one of these boxes to a filter from your project room, select the Create Shortcut button in the top right.


A new window will now open, there click on Document filter.

You can then select the desired Document block, Document type and navigate to the desired sub-filter.


If you selected a wrong document Block, you can go back one step by selecting the Document Block button. And the same process if you were to select an incorrect Document Type. 




Once you have gone through each step and selected an end filter, you will then receive a notification that the Shortcut has been successfully created and can now view it on the home screen.

Add external URL

As in the previous step, select the Create Shortcut button in the top right corner, in the next window select External URL.


Now enter the external URL and a title for the box and select Save.

A notification also appears here and the new box is immediately available on your home screen.

Delete a Box

Move the mouse over the box to be deleted. Click on the menu at the top right of the box and select Delete. 


Deleted filters

If a box appears red on your home screen, this filter is no longer available and may have been deleted.


You can delete this box from your home screen as described in the previous step.

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