The Purpose of this article is to explain what the use of the internal clipboard is. The Clipboard is located within the System Module Section. Once selected the content of the clipboard will become visible in the main section. Here you will be able to see what documents have been saved to the clipboard and will also be able to upload documents yourself.


The Purpose of using the clipboard can be to store files temporally within the platform, without having to assign them to a specific location or communicating to other users.


You can upload a document to your clipboard by selecting Clipboard under System Modules and then select Upload file in the main section.

A pop-up screen will appear, where you can select the documents/files saved to your PC.


You can select files saved from your clipboard and add them into input screens by selecting clipboard next to the add files options above the drag and drop box.


Note: If selecting this in the drawing upload input screen, files which will show here are files which have been coded correctly.


  • Clipboard is automatically emptied every 10 days.
  • When downloading a larger amount of files from the Project the download process will happen in the background and you will then be able to find the folder within the clipboard area.  



Users find the process of uploading larger Data File e.g., 6GB to the clipboard first and then selecting them from the clipboard into you input screen i.e., Project Documents, is quicker and an error code is less likely to appear. 



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