DESITE md 2.8 vs 3.0 | Issue Management

In DESITE md 2.8, one can create issues by clicking on "+" button under Viewpoints. 


To edit assignee as well as status, one can:

choose the corresponding viewpoint -> click on comments ->add comment.


In Version 3.0, the module of "Viewpoints" is replaced by "Issues/Views". Within the new module, it is now possible to establish issue model, container, issue and view point, which gives the opportunity to categorize and reallocate the issues as well as viewpoints.


It is possible to create viewpoints individually or to link one or more viewpoints to an issue. To link viewpoints to an issue, one should first choose the corresponding issue, and click on "+" for adding new viewpoints to it. With double click on the issue, a new window is called up for the editing.


The given values for status and priority are editable with the function of "Domain Configuration".

You have further questions about new features in DESITE md 3.0? Feel free to reach us out by sending us a ticket with the button below.

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