In this article you will find out how you can use our TP DOCS app to download plans, documents and images from your project room and view them offline on your mobile device on site.

Who can use the TP DOCS app?

Since the app is not linked to every project room, ask your project manager whether you intend to use the TP DOCS app for your project room.

How are project documents downloaded using the TP DOCS app?

Download the TP DOCS app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Select Sign in and log in with your Thinkproject access data.



Since some projects are linked to the app via a different login, your projects that use the DOCS app may not appear here after login. To do this, activate the Enterprise area below and in the next step select the relevant instance, which you normally use to log in and enter your login data. 


In the next step, log into the app with your login data on the Thinkproject platform. You now have the choice from which project room you want to download documents, which document type and which filter of this document type you want to save.
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Confirm the filter selection with the tick at the top right. The project details are now updated and you can choose to download all documents of the specified document filter or to reduce this selection to certain criteria.


Once you have made your selection, use the download button at the top right to download the documents.


Selection of certain criteria:                                             Selection of all documents:

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When the download is complete, you will receive a notification in the app.


You can now view all of your downloaded documents even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Handling of documents

You have the following options for interacting with documents in the app:


1.To open the document overview, click on any property in the document line. An overview then opens in which the existing attachments and the specified details are displayed.


Click on an attachment to open it. There you have the function to share the PDF file with your contacts and to add comments via the settings of your mobile device.



Sharing documents with your contacts via the app is not sent via the Thinkproject platform. Comments that you add here will not be saved on the platform! 


2.With a click on the eye symbol you open the existing attachment of the selected document.

3.The column with the paper clip shows you how many attachments this document contains.

4.Various options are available in the menu:


  • You can use the Search function to search for several special values ​​in the specified document properties.
  • With the function browse through filing, you can reduce your search result to one value per document property and get an overview. You do not need to specify a value for every document property, only those that you want to filter on.
  • You can use the Update Documents function to bring your project documents up to date. See also “4. Synchronization of documents "
  • If you have not downloaded all the documents you need because you restricted your search results too much when you downloaded them for the first time, you can use the Add documents function to download additional documents from the project room.
  • The function Hide columns reduces the columns that are displayed in the document overview. There you can select which information you need at first glance in the overview and which you do not. If you have already hidden columns that you need again, you can show them again at this point.

5.If you press the area between two columns, you can drag it larger or smaller.
Synchronization of documents

Once your mobile device is connected to the Internet again, you can update your downloaded documents and check whether new documents are available.


To do this, select the three point menu at the top right in the desired document overview and select Update documents.


If you want to update your documents automatically, open the sandwich menu at the top left and select Settings.

Activate the item Automatic synchronization there and save your selection with the check mark in the top right corner.

As soon as you start your app for the first time that day and you have an internet connection, your project documents will be updated automatically.
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Add a new document type / delete document type

To add another document type or to delete an existing one, click the sandwich menu at the top left. A menu opens in which you select the Manage projects option.


You will now be taken to a view of the document types that have already been downloaded.

To add a new document type, select the + button at the top right. Follow the steps under "How are project documents downloaded using the TP DOCS app?"


To delete a document type, hold down the document type with your finger at this point. A pop-up appears in which you have to confirm the deletion.


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